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# Placements

Regular / 6 mo Introductory Price
GOLD Sponsor 3 (Home, Ranches/Breeders, 1 add. page) $100 $75 / 6 mo
SILVER Sponsor 2 (Ranches/Breeders, 1 add. page) excl Home page $60 $45 / 6 mo
BRONZE Sponsor 1 (any 1 page) excl Home page $45 $30 / 6 mo
HOME PAGE Sponsor 1 (Home page) $55 $40 / 6 mo
DIRECTORY Listing (Ranches/Breeders and Breed pages only) $30 (1p)   $45 (2pp) $25 (1p)  $35 (2pp) / 6 mo
CLASSIFIED Listing* 3 month listings $10 / 3-mo listing FREE for limited time*
FREE Listing** available on Breed or Product/Service pages only Name, City, Phone only FREE

*Classified listings expire after 3 months. Classified ads can contain email addresses in addition to other contact information. Hyperlinks permitted on paid ads only. Ads will be placed under appropriate category with newest ads placed at top.  50-word limit for classified ads.

**Free Listings are subject to approval. Listings will contain Ranch or farm name, city, and phone numbers only. Order of placement (alphabetical by city or by name) will be determined by Arizona Gaited Horses and is subject to change without notice.

Prices and terms subject to change without notice. Arizona Gaited Horses reserves the right to refuse ads for any reason.


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